Feasts Are Back in Patch 7.2

Per the 7.2 patch notes, the best Legion feast (Lavish Suramar Feast) grants 500 main stat (up from 200) in 7.2. This means that for most classes, feasts will be better than all other food options. Even the lesser feast (Hearty Feast) will grant 400 main stat. If you cook your own food and don’t have rank 3 of the feasts, you might want to head back to Nomi with some materials.

What Boss Order Should We Follow in Nighthold After Mythic Trilliax?

Now that my guild has cleared seven bosses in Mythic Nighthold, I have some perspective on what boss order you might want to pursue. What boss should you target now if you are just getting to 3/10 Mythic bosses down (with patch 7.2 right around the corner)? The options for what boss to do fourth are Spellblade Aluriel, High Botanist Tel’arn, Krosus, and Tichondrius. From easiest to hardest, I suggest Spellblade < Krosus = Botanist < Tichondrius.

Mythic Plus Keystones Next Week in 7.2

Patch 7.2 is coming this week (worry not, the new raid is still months out). If you routinely do a 15 keystone each week, you may want to do an 18 this week. Why? Starting with 7.2, each level will get more difficult, and a 10+ generates the maximum reward (of a 905 in your weekly cache). More significantly to this post, for this week only, if you do an 18 you will get a 10 in your bags next week.

Mastery for Restoration Druid Raids in 7.1.5

Maybe gearing for mastery in raids is not so crazy for Restoration Druids for challenging progression content. In progression, players are often at low health. With the Cultivation talent, a Rejuvenation on a party member at low health is already 2 out of 3 of the HOTs for Restoration Druid mastery. Add in a Wild Growth, Spring Blossoms, Cenarion Ward, or Lifebloom, and you are getting full mastery benefit. A few Restoration druids I have talked to are using a Mastery heavy build on at least some fights.

Legion Guide Updates

This past weekend, I updated the Legion class guides compilation, adding a few new class-specific sites I have heard about in the past few months and altering the recommended guide for a few specs based on community feedback. In the past month or so I have also updated the Mythic Plus Dungeons Guide and Withered Training Guide, and added some comments to past articles for a bit of clarification. If you found one of those valuable in the past, you might want to check them out again.

Khadgar Admiration

I’m posting this because it seems that a surprising number of people don’t know about it. In 7.1.5, Blizzard added a repeatable quest to turn Order Hall Resources in to Khadgar in Dalaran as tribute. The more times you turn them in, the greater his admiration for you as a hero grows, and the higher base ilvl gear rewards you can get from world quests. It works very similarly to Artifact Knowledge research in your order hall.

Krosus Guide: How to Soak Burning Pitch

Krosus is the fourth boss attempted by many guilds raiding The Nighthold on Mythic difficulty. Getting a fourth boss down is the first major “wall” to progression in mythic; as of this writing, wowprogress indicated that around 2400 guilds have killed three bosses, while only around 700 have killed Krosus. One of the biggest difficulties on Krosus is soaking the Burning Pitch puddles to ensure that as few as possible adds spawn.

WOW Tokens Now Convertible to Battlenet Balance

New today, you can now use wowtokens to exchange them for either gametime OR battlenet balance in certain regions. Prices are going up (track prices on wowtoken.info). See the official announcement for an explanatory video and more details.

Flap - The Number One Reason to Play Druid

If you play Balance Druid and have not heard of Flap, you are missing out. It is our version of Slow Fall, usable only in Moonkin Form (you can use it in other specs with Balance Affinity). You learn the spell from a Tome that you can pick up in Moonglade or the Dreamgrove. This makes traveling around the broken isles much more quick, and, dare I say, fun. You cannot change directions while flapping, but with good aim, you can run off a cliff on your mount, start flapping, and float gracefully (or not-so-gracefully depending on how you view fat chickens frantically flapping their arms) to your destination.

Balance Druid: My Trinket and Gear Sims Start of Nighthold

As a follow up to my sims at the end of 7.1, I updated Simcraft and am updating my simulations as of the start of Nighthold. I simulated using my current best gear. Single target used Starlord, Incarnation, Blessing of the Ancients, and Stellar Drift, and 3-target used Force of Nature, Soul of the Forest, Shooting Stars, and Stellar Drift. Trinkets The nerfs to AOE trinkets/buffs to stat-based trinkets going into Nighthold are remarkable.